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Furnarius rufus, known as the red ovenbird or rufous hornero, and locally as the hornero or joão-de-barro, is a bird from the Furnariidae family found in South America. Four subspecies are recognized.

Media[edit | edit source]

Assessment (July 2023): Commons files depicting Furnarius rufus include full-body photos, auxiliary photos, especially of nests with or without birds, audio recordings, a distribution map, orthogonal line drawings, pencil and colour illustrations. There are photos of preserved museum specimens, including a skull and a specimen preserved with nest. A good variety of files exist across a wide range of free licenses, but almost all contain no subspecies information, and some may be impossible to diagnose considering the lack of scale and location info.

The distribution map is a .png rather than .svg, which is not ideal for non-photographic data, and has no subspecies ranges.

No free photos or colour illustrations of the species' egg are available. This may be due to the protected nests they are kept in. To avoid harming fauna, oology collections in museums may be the only ethical way of finding such images.

OpenTaxa has released an original asset pack with four images related to this species. It is linked below, and includes digital paintings of a skull side profile, flight feathers, down feathers, and a mud nest. More information about the files can be found in their OGA page; they have also been mirrored on Commons.

Sketchfab has no 3D scans or sculpts of horneros, freely licensed or otherwise.

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